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Woman Standing on Docks

About Me

I am a licensed professional counselor providing individual therapy for adults, young adults and elders.  My training includes a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.  My therapeutic approach includes client-centered therapy, psychodynamic and insight oriented, mindfulness practices, existential and depth work, and Somatic Experiencing.

I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.  Somatic Experiencing is a body mindfulness approach to trauma resolution created by Peter Levine, PhD.  Somatic Experiencing (SE) uses the organic intelligence of the body to complete the thwarted self-protective responses of flight, fight or freeze from past traumas.  Peter studied animals in the wild and wondered why they rarely exhibit symptoms of trauma despite repeated ongoing threats from predators.  With his combined doctorates in medical biophysics and psychology, he spent years researching and creating this somatic based therapy for people with single or multiple traumatic incidents as well as multiple developmental traumas.   If you are wanting trauma resolution, I can help you connect to bodily sensations of sympathetic nervous system activation, while staying within your “window of tolerance,” which allows you to successfully renegotiate the trauma without a sense of overwhelm or re-traumatization.  It also allows you to build greater capacity to tolerate stress in your everyday life, as you learn to flow more easily from sympathetic nervous system arousal back to the relative calm of the parasympathetic nervous system.  Somatic Experiencing is a unique, naturalistic approach to allowing your nervous system to bring forth its own intrinsic healing. For more information about SE go to

Prior to establishing my private practice, I worked as a Pro Bono therapist and Intake therapist at Maria Droste Counseling Center for three years. Prior to that I worked for Denver Public Schools assisting teachers in tutoring at risk youth.