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Find Peace Within
Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks


I believe each of us has within us, an inherent wisdom that guides us throughout our lifetimes.  Although painful life experiences can block or bury this internal “knowing,” it is always with us, waiting to emerge into consciousness so that we can use that wisdom to heal and grow. I offer a genuine, collaborative relationship with you to help you reconnect with your own inner wisdom.  I help you to discover and remove negative judgements toward yourself and others, as well as limiting belief systems that keep you stuck in patterns of avoidance or habitual thoughts.  By rediscovering and understanding who you are at your deepest core, you are free to live life more fully in the present moment, unencumbered by past experiences or worries about the future.  


Each individual I work with has his or her own uniqueness. I truly enjoy hearing your life story and providing a safe and nurturing environment for you to process and integrate your feelings, sensations and thoughts, so that you can wake up each day with a sense of possibility and openness to your life experience.